A simple word challenge?

Simple word challenge

We haven’t posted a puzzle in quite a while. So as the week draws to an end we thought it would be a great time to make amends by posting a little Thursday puzzle challenge. We hope that this gives your brain a little end of week workout. It should be a fairly trivial affair for you seasoned puzzle veterans,

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Crack the binary code?

Binary code

Binary code is an amazing invention. Using just two symbols, 1 and 0, you can represent simple things from numbers and letters through to much more complex data and instructions. Rather surprisingly, for something that we would typically associate with the computer age, the binary system was invented by Gottfried Liebniz in 1689. From its early beginnings binary code has

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New Year’s Eve Number Square

Number square puzzle

It is New Year’s Eve and we are saying goodbye to 2019 and hello to a whole new decade! But, before we all partake in some of the New Year’s festivities there is still time for one last puzzle. So, to say goodbye to the 2010s can you figure out this tasty little number square?  What number replaces the question

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Number Pyramid Challenge

Number pyramid

We love number pyramids!  They are a great challenge as you try to find the missing number at the top of the pyramid.  However, today’s number pyramid is a little bit more challenging, but not if you are hot at math. See if you can work out the missing number without taking a sneak peak at the answer.    

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