The Parson’s Puzzle

The Parsons puzzle

Welcome to our new puzzle challenge – The Parson’s Puzzle

In this challenge there are seven puzzles to solve.

The solution to each puzzle might be a word or a number.

Once you have the solution to the puzzle click on the corresponding link to check that you are correct.

If you are correct the solution will unlock the page and reveal part of the Parson’s message.  It might also unlock a crucial clue to help you solve another puzzle.

If you want to test yourself you could time yourself to see how quickly you can solve The Parson’s Puzzle.  Post your time in the comments and we will create a roll of honour of the quickest times!



We love dreaming up puzzles and we love to be able to bring them to you free of charge!  That is why we really hope that you will enjoy the Parson’s Puzzle and find it to be a satisfying challenge.

In this difficult time it is always great to lose yourself in a puzzle and we hope that we will succeed in taking you on a virtual escape from the current lockdown.

Although we want to make our puzzles free, we would love to do our bit and give back to those who are helping us at great risk to themselves.

During this crisis we are supporting NHS Charities Together.

They are a group of charities that are supporting health staff and volunteers caring for Covid 19 patients.  We can understand that this is a difficult time but if you enjoy this puzzle and would like to donate we would be extremely grateful.  Please click on the donate button below to donate via PayPal.

You can also donate once you have completed the Parson’s Puzzle.

Thank you very much for anything that you are prepared to give and we wish you happy and safe puzzling! 


If you are ready to test your puzzle solving skills in the Parson’s Puzzle then click the link below…

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